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1-Apr-2019Dragon plate & Bug fixes!

It's official! The Dragon plate is here!

After receiving a lot of requests for cool customs like neon whip and chaotic maul, we decided to up the ante.

So Horvik temporarily sells Dragon plates! Get one while they're still in stock!

27-Mar-2019The Scape05 Forums are here!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Scape05 Official forums!

You can find the forum by navigating to "Discuss the game on the forums" under "Website Features" or by Clicking the link below.
Visit the forums

25-Mar-2019Early access & Bug fixing!

If you weren't aware already, Scape05 is now past beta stage. (yay!)

Being in "Early access" means accounts will no longer be reset, and you can play while we continue to develop and add more content.

We have fixed many bugs since the last update, for a full update log you can start up the game or read more below.


11-Mar-2019Bug fixing & New miniquest

Father Lawrence needs your help, rewarding you with some extra starter GP.

  • Ancient teleports spells have been added. (Paddewwa is free outside the wilderness and will take you to Varrock church)
  • Freeze durations for ice spells were either too short or too long. They now work like intended.
  • Some extra useful P2P combat items were added to Darrens shop.

  • 09-Mar-2019P2P PvP beta is here!

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the P2P PvP beta. You will now be able to access the P2P Areas and Items!

    Please bear in mind that this is a beta so not all content is in a final or perfect working state.

    15-Feb-2019Game Updates and Combat improvements

    Today we have made some improvements on ranged projectiles and auto spell casting.
    Other combat improvements were also made. Think of things like timers, ticks, etc.

    After feedback regarding the F2P Combat we think it is in a "1 : 1" state with 2005 combat. This means the P2P Combat beta will follow soon. Preperations for the P2P PvP Beta were already made so stay tuned.

    02-Feb-2019Bug fixes Minor

  • Fixed a bug where you would continue gathering when you walked away from the source.
  • Mobs can no longer walk through random objects when they shouldn't.
  • The duplicate bronze kiteshield was removed from Cassies shop.
  • Removed the sliding piece from General stores.
  • Fixed where entities would get stuck in the death position.
  • The shop assistant in Karamja now opens the shop like intended.
  • The "Climb up or down" option is removed from the stairs dialogue.
  • The "Use" option on bank booths now initiates the Banker dialogue.

  • 25-Jan-2019First steps...

    The first update is already here! The backend now supports JAGGRAB, OnDemand, and HTTP file providers.