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Karamja Dungeon

9 Apr 2020

Beta Info

We have added a new dungeon under Karamja!

It is packed with heaps of new combat training areas, including moss giants, fire giants, greater demons, black demons and red dragons, as well as a number of new enemies to pit yourself against.

To venture deeper into the dungeon there are some small woodcutting and agility level requirements.
Head west from Brimhaven and speak to Saniboch.
He will charge you 50,000 coins to gain entrance to the dungeon.

In other news:
  • A bug was fixed where it was possible to open your bank while moving away.
  • Some changes are made to entity collision, test it out and leave feedback in our discord!
  • The Wilderness Agility Course has its logic rewritten and is now using the updated Agility system.
  • A visual bug with item weight where it would display incorrect amounts has bee fixed.
  • The RNG back-end system has had a rework.
  • The ropeswing at Feldip hills was not working correctly, this has been fixed.
  • A bug with bind/freeze spells not freezing consistently has been fixed.
  • Most production skills have their back-end tick system adjusted
  • It is no longer possible to pickpocket entities while they're in combat.
  • A bug has been fixed where it was possible to woodcut even though the tree was cut down.

Beta Info