Patch notes | 05 Jul 2023

Three new quests have been added to the game.

All halberds now use their correct 7-tick attack speed.

The Ardougne teleport spell now requires to be unlocked after Plague City.

Many new oven foods have been added like Pizza and Pies.

NPC wander logic was further improved.

Patch notes | 23 Jun 2023

Pathing improvements for combat.

Multi spells now check for collision.

Multi spells no longer use multiple runes if more targets are affected by the spell

Some abilities like dragonfire were not trigging auto-retaliate. This has been fixed.

Following is now using a new system that more accurately behaves like 2005s following logic.

Tele-block has had its logic rewritten and now works as intended.

All freeze spells or spells that have a freeze mechanic have had their logic rewritten.

The stepping stones near Shilo Village can now be crossed.

Prayer drain is now using the 2005 tick rate instead of the 2007 tickrate.

Maces have had their stab option restored and are now using the correct sound effects

KBD now plays his sound effects when using different type of firebreath attacks

The KBD lair was playing the wrong music track. This has been fixed.

NPCs have had their wander around logic updated

An oversight with level difference in the wilderness was corrected.

A chat message has been added to inform you your lightsource ignited gas in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

Watchmen were using the incorrect attack animation that turned them transparent. This has been corrected.

Unattackable NPCs in Rellekka should no longer try to attack you.

Missing Green dragon spawns were added to the Wilderness.

It should no longer put you in combat while you're not attacked

A bug that caused spawned npcs to despawn if you move too far away from them.

The Dragon halberd has had its attack speed corrected.

NPCs randomly not retaliating has been fixed.

The nagivation bar should no longer break on machines not using windows aero.

Romeo & Juliet can now be completed again! (Sorry Frank)

The ladder in the Wizards' tower basement now plays the right animation when climbing up.

The large door to Iban's chamber can no longer trap you in the walls.

Shadow barrage now uses the proper runes to cast.

Doric's Quest & Bug fixes! | 20 May 2023

Doric the dwarf is happy to let you use his anvils but first he would like you to run an errand for him.

The npc ability system bug that has been plaguing the game has had a complete rewrite. All npcs using abilities have had their logic completely rewritten. Let us know if you run into any bugs that could be the result of the new system!

A bug with the Ring of Life not consistently teleporting you to safety has been fixed.

Dharoks platebody 75 wasn't displaying correctly. This has been corrected.

A typo and missing quest complete text from the Romeo & Juliet quest have been corrected

Some duplicate npc spawns have been corrected. You can now auto-cast god spells and Iban blast using the respected staves.

The Quest Squad program is going very well! Expect another new quest next week!

Two new Quests! | 10 May 2023

There's a disturbance in the goblin village. Help the goblins solve their dispute so the world doesn't have to worry about rioting goblins.

Romeo & Juliet are desperately in love, but Juliet's father doesn't approve. Help them to find a way to get married and live happily ever after.

There is currently a bug with NPC combat abilities that allows multiple npcs to attack you even if you're not in multi. The npc ability system will undergo a complete rewrite and a patch will be applied at a later time

Global chat is here! | 26 Apr 2023

The long anticipated global chat is now here!
You can use global chat by starting each line of chat with the / symbol.
You can opt-in or opt-out of global chat at any time using /join or /leave.

Iban's staff is now obtainable from Iban disciples. The staff can hold 120 charges and can be re-charged at the Dark Mage in West Ardougne.

An issue with the herb drop table causing tarromins to drop twice as often has been fixed.

Barrows effects triggering randomly while not wearing the full set effect has been corrected.

Other players will now appear to be teleporting around instead of walking around when fighting Abyssal demons.

An odd safespotting/diagonal combat condition has been fixed.

The Gnome agility course has had its logic redone and should now feel a lot more fluid and the pipe should no longer push you further than intended.

The Kalphite queen now also drops Potato cactus, Bucket of sand, Toadflax, Ranarr, Snapdragons, Torstol.

Some items had their bonuses restored to their original 2005 values.

Fixed a typo with the Abyss miniquest.

Slayer masters no longer give out tasks that require equipment you cannot equip.

Gnome pickpocket table had a typo corrected.

The chests in the maze random event will now give items when searched.

The deeper part of Taverly dungeon now requires a dusty key to open the gate.

Chaos RuneCrafting altar will now teleport you to random locations.

The blacksmith in Shilo Village now requires an entrance fee.

Klank's gauntlets are now obtainable from Klank

A typo in the code made it so Mega rare drop table did not trigger properly. This has been fixed

Clue scrolls! | 1 Apr 2023

Clues are finally here!

Adjusted Dwarf weed droprate and minor bug fixes that were reported in our Discord channel.

Patch notes minor | 13 Jan 2023

Some collision logic wasn't detecting collision properly in some corner locations. This has been fixed.

A bug with thieving rewards doubling in some cases has been fixed.

The Report Abuse feature is now properly working again.

The level requirement for the Wizards' Guild is now boostable.

A collision and visual bug with Abyssal Demons has been fixed.

Changes to the random event trigger system have been made.

A softlock issue with the mining obstacle in the Abyss has been fixed.

Player following logic greatly improved.

Edible Seaweed is now actually edible.

NPC aggression has its logic changed to be more reliable,

Patch minor | 9 Jan 2023

Santa has left Scape05 and thanks everybody for participating in 2022's Christmas event!

The 10 second logout timer was not working as intended. This has been fixed.

Fixed an issue with the Paterdomus basement gate not opening.

A typo on the crafting skillguide has been corrected.

Npc's aggro ranges and attack pathing have had some adjustments. Npc's will now also "lure" you into their attack range.

Sick sheep did not eat the sheep feed in the Sheep Herder quest. This has been fixed.

It is no longer possible to visually bug out at Barbarian agility's crumbling walls.

Flax now picks at 2 tick speed instead of 3 tick speed.

Some loot was given inconsistently during thieving, this should no longer happen.

An issue with Ulizius at the Mort Myre Swamp gate has been fixed

Small patch | 3 Jan 2023

The first patch of 2023 is here!

Some logic regarding pathing and following has been adjusted.

Incorrect and missing bonuses have been corrected with H.A.M. robes and the Torags helm.

Thieving logic (including fail rates) has been rewritten, and the loot tables have had a rework.

An issue with Cats not following you after it goes out of range has been fixed.

Incorrect fishing spots on Entrana have had their spawns corrected

Using Telegrab on Wine of Zamorak will no longer aggro Monks of Zamorak

Santa is here! | 25 Dec 2022

Santa has been spotted on Scape05. He's going around delivering presents! Can you find him in the four places around Misthalin, Asgarnia and Al-Kharid?

Merry Christmas from Scape05!

1x early release and Halloween quest! | 24 Dec 2022

Due to such high demands, we've decided to "early-launch" 1x Vanilla mode without the planned features (F2P Quests and Legend's Questline). These features and some other planned features will be added to the live version instead. That means 4.5x and 1x will get these updates at the same time!

The promised Halloween event/mini-quest is here! Sam in the Burthorpe Games Room needs your help.

The Chrismas event will follow shortly after.

Halloween pre-patch | 17 Oct 2022

The Restless Ghost quest can now be completed again.

A bug with the Wilderness Agility course that caused your character unable to move has been fixed.

Goblins from the Goblin village now count towards your goblin slayer task.

A bug with the skill requirement for the Ranging guild has been corrected.

An input delay after being teleported to the Essence mine has been fixed.

The Ring of Forging no longer randomly breaks after one use.

Monks of Zamorak no longer attack you when you tele-grab the Wine of Zamorak

Guthans helm no longer shows your beard when it degrades

A bug that allowed to speed up cooking has been fixed

Host migration | 7 June 2022

Out with the old in with the new!

We have switched to a new host with improved connectivity!

Overall ping should be improved by at least 30%
The server's world id has switched from 54 to 53
Playercount is now also displayed on World Select (Updates every 5 minutes)

Patch minor | 27 May 2022

All of the special drop tables (GDT, RDT, MRDT) except the Herb drop tables were not triggering properly and in most cases not at all! This has been fixed (and actually broken for a couple months so our apologies for the frustration this might have caused!)

A recent issue with monster aggression has been fixed.

The Mage Arena minigame was not starting properly making it unable to complete, this has been fixed.

The players online counter on Discord now updates every 5 minutes to comply with ratelimits.

Ranging Guild & Discord | 22 May 2022

The Ranging Guild has been added in all its glory! If you've got the levels, why not check it out?

More Discord functions have been implemented, for example the amount of players online is now displayed in the Discord server!

A lot of optimizations and corrections have been made to pathfinding, especially combat-related.

The special attack system has had a rewrite, it should all feel a lot more responsive now.

In addition to the new special attack system, some incorrect special attacks have been adjusted. The special attacks corrected are:
Dragon dagger
Dragon longsword
Granite maul
Dragon battleaxe
Rune claws
NEW: Rune thrownaxe

All projectiles have had a complete rewrite and should now be working like originally intended

If you for what ever reason get stuck a temporary new command ::stuck has been added. MISUSE/ABUSE OF THIS WILL BE PUNISHED

Fixed a couple of NPCs not having the correct stats and drops

Patch minor | 12 May 2022

Corrected an oversight in the new floor item system that caused arrows to not stack.

The pathfinding core has had some partial code rewritten, it should feel a lot more consistent now.

Bug fixes | 10 May 2022

The system that handles floor items has had a rewrite, items now appear consistently.

Barrows items were often not registering their set-effect. This has been fixed for all sets.

An issue that caused everybody to get booted off with the "Your account is already logged in" message has been fixed.

Fixed an issue where the dialogue with Shantay would freeze and you could not proceed in the conversation

You can now choose to hide your last logged in ip-address at the Lumbride guide

The punishment system has had some changes, more information can be found on the Wiki under "Blackmarks"

Chaos gauntlets were not applying their effect correctly, this has been fixed

Slayer dart now properly calculates its max-hit based on magic level

The doors at the Wizards' guild have had its auto open>close functionality rewritten

Dragonbreath has had a rewrite, it now functions as initially intended

King Black Dragon now deals its different dragonbreath effects such as poison

Ring of Recoil and Ring of Life have had their code adjusted to be more consistent

Pickpocketing was not working as intended, this has been fixed

Fixed a typo in the slayer dialogue

Some trolls were not counting towards the troll slayer task, this has been corrected

Corrected some incorrect NPC spawns near the Port Khazard area

Client -> Discord service | 5 May 2022

We now have Discord integration with the Scape05 game client! This shows you're "Playing Scape05" with some other small information for other Discord members to see!

The game client has had some code optimizations done to it and should run a little smoother!

It now also has a filter option for the users that like the image to be a bit smoother when running it at 2x+ scale

End of Easter event | 28 Apr 2022

The Easter bunny went back to the hole it came from.

Easter | 17 Apr 2022

The Easter bunny has made an appearance south of falador and your help is required to spread easter happiness!

RuneCraft Update and Tweaks | 11 Nov 2021

Todays updates introduce a number of tweaks to the Runecraft skill.

We have added a Zamorakian mage who will assist RuneCrafters who have done the Rune Mysteries Quest with a potentially dangerous, yet also potentially faster method of RuneCrafting, but you might first have to do a little favour for him..

There has been quite a lot of bug fixes to other content as well.
Patch notes on those will be added later.

Halloween | 20 Oct 2021

It's spooky season!

The Burthorpe games room is not doing too well and requires your assistance to get some life back into the games room again.

To start the Halloween event visit Sam in the Burthorpe games room!

Client Patch | 11 Oct 2021

You should experience less random disconnections after this patch.

Patch Major | 10 Oct 2021

Bank rearranging has been fixed.

Fixed item container error

The client can now be resized via the wrench menu in detail select.

The client now uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster load times!

Patch minor | 17 Apr 2021

The H.A.M. Hideout is accessible again.

Caskets can now be opened.

Missing bonuses from damaged books has been corrected.

Ali Morrisane and his shop have been added.

Some missing item spawns were added (keep them coming!).

Yo-yo has its missing sound effects added.

Fountain of Heroes now charges all your glories no matter the charge.

King Lathas's Armoury shop has been added.

Private chat is no longer hidden behind smoke when in the smoke dungeon.

Patch minor | 11 Apr 2021

You can no longer claim the Hype emote.

Barrows items now properly break on player death.

You can reclaim your easter basket from the Easter bunny when lost.

Some missing music entries on music player have been added.

Some areas were playing incorrect music. This has been fixed.

The Lady of the waves has been added.

A bug with tele-other spells has been fixed.

Dart tips will now smith 10 instead of 7 per bar.

The Dragonstone amulet has been added to the skillguides interface.

Lanterns and other light sources now count as a lightsource in more areas.

Missing skeleton spawns in the Wilderness agility course has been added.

Easter event & Minor patch | 4 Apr 2021

The Easter bunny has made an appearance south of falador and your help is required to spread easter happiness!

The login interface now shows proper last logged in date.

You can now "Prefetch" game assets to get rid of long loading times.

Loginscreen music can now be muted.

Losing connection now kicks your character out of the game after 10 seconds (if not in combat).

Early 2005 rune inventory sprites will now display when the feature is toggled.

The update was rushed. | 2 Apr 2021

We have to admit that the mechanic overhaul was rushed so we decided to reverse the changes and go back to how it was.

Other companies in the past chose a different approach and we would not like to follow them in their footsteps. I hope you as the community understands our decision to revert the changes.

Big overhaul, Largest update yet! | 1 Apr 2021

Scape05 has had a large game mechanic and style overhaul, we need your feedback! So let us know on Discord if you encounter any issues with the update.

Patch #2 | 24 Feb 2021

Stiles should no longer trap you in pens with no way out.

Dragon battleaxe now uses the correct formula to boost/deduct your levels.

Some optimizations and details were added with RuneCrafting.

You can now craft Tiaras and infuse them to use with RuneCrafting.

The mage arena fight sequence should now work as intended again.

Slayer masters will no longer give you tasks that require equipment that you can't wear.

Fixed a small bug with thieving chests and their traps.

Cows near the crafting guild no longer drop a staff of air.

Abyssal demons no longer push you out of bounds.

Bloodworms now count towards your killcount in the Barrows minigame.

All Turoths now count as a kill for your slayer task..

Juliet is no longer standing inside of a piano.

First patch of 2021! | 11 Jan 2021

Santa has returned to the North pole, he expects you to be nice this year!

A pathing problem in the Waterfall quest has been fixed, it can now be completed again.

The Fremmenik Slayer dungeon now exits to the correct location.

Magic was showing the incorrect end graphic occasionally, this has been corrected.

The Dragon spear now pushes and stuns regardless of damage dealt. A bug there it was possible to execute Gargoyles with a Magic shortbow/Dragon dagger has been fixed.

Npc aggression has had a slight rework and should feel a bit snappier now. It's still work in progress so keep reporting!

Bob was charging full price to repair a "100" barrows item, this has been corrected.

Some shops would sell items for 0gp when overstocked, this has been corrected.

A bug where multi-spells were not attacking multiple targets in the desert has been fixed.

Poison was hitting too fast on NPCs, this has been fixed.

Thrower trolls should no longer be over-aggresive, this was toned down until the area as a whole will be touched up.

Protect from magic was a little too effective against dragons, this was due to a miscalculation. This has been fixed.

Earth warriors were too accurate, they've had their stats adjusted.

The hiscores are back online again.

Happy new year! | 31 Dec 2020

Santa has one last reward before he makes an exit!
Did you collect all 4 scarves? Santa has a reward for all adventures that found him in all areas!

The Winter theme can now be toggled off in the settings menu in detail-select.

Merry Christmas! | 25 Dec 2020

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Merry Christmas & A Happy new year from the Scape05 team!

Santa is here and is roaming around! Find him and get the limited Scarf reward!

Every area has its own scarf so don't give up when you've spotted him in one area!

You can find Santa in the following F2P Areas: Lumbridge/Draynor, Al-Kharid, Varrock, Falador

Good luck and happy scaping!

Patch minor | 8 Nov 2020

The Halloween event has now ended.

Barrows will now degrade after 650 hits per state.

A typo with the Rune platebody examine has been corrected.

Underground areas of the Wilderness were not showing the Wilderness level, this has been fixed.

Game updates | 7 Nov 2020

Barrows items will now degrade in combat, you can get them repaired at Bob in Lumbridge for a fee.

You can now select "Early 2005 inventory models", for now it sets the platebodies to their early 2005 variant. This will be expanded upon in the future.

Level up songs will no longer loop indefinitely.

Fixed a bug where Mills were not producing flour correctly.

Bankers around Scape05 now have "proper" interactions. There could be some bankers that do not interact, when you find one please report!

Gem cutting now correctly tells you if you do not have the required level to cut it.

Some slight pathfinding improvements for NPC Combat were made, as always REPORT when you spot oddities.

Missing object interactions have been fixed/re-added like levers.

Halloween event | 31 Oct 2020

Visit the Burthorpe games room to start the Halloween event!
You can find the starting location by the Pink Quest marker on your minimap.

Game updates minor | 31 Oct 2020

Thieving chests & Pick-lock doors have had their logic rewritten.

Thieving stalls now have their correct respawn rate.

Master farmers & Seed stalls have been added.

Some item interactions should be a lot more responsive now.

Picking up items has its delay reduced.

Burying bones has their delay reduced.

Some following logic has been adjusted, keep the bug-reports coming!

Some missing npc spawns across the world have been added.

Miscellania & Etceteria are now accessible.

Some collision logic has been adjusted.

Gargoyles will now respawn correctly.

Lesser demons now have their proper HP level.

Short jingles for leveling up and death have been added.

Game updates minor | 13 Oct 2020

Some improvements made to pathfinding, some oddities were corrected.

The majority of Tirannwn is now accessible.

The skulling logic has been reworked.

Slayer masters will now properly mention your assigned slayer task.

Hellhounds and Baby blue dragons have had their stats adjusted.

The Kalphite Queen now counts towards the Kalphite Slayer task.

You will now get a message when you have defeated a player.

Dagannoths, Elves, Ice warriors, Ice Giants and Elementals are now available as s Slayer task.

The Dragon scimitar was not disabling overhead prayers consistently. This has been fixed.

Some smithing items have had their amounts adjusted to their original 2005 value.

Gargoyles will now respawn correctly.

The original 2005 death mechanic has been added. Items "globalize" after 1 minute when there is no killer. Tradable items are dropped on death. Items will stay on the floor for 5 minutes before despawning.

The Slayer Skill | 09 Oct 2020

You read that right! Today we have introduced the Slayer skill!

These previously undisturbed creatures have been hoarding treasure for a long time, and as such you may find great rewards from killing them...

To start the Slayer skill, you should find one of the Slayer Masters who are located in various places around Scape05.

Pre-Slayer patch | 05 Oct 2020

Some adjustments have been made to Thieving, it is now using the original success formula and correct failure damages.

The skill information interfaces logic has been updated and some missing information for some skills have been added.

Interacting with objects and entities has been improved (Still not finished, remember to report!)

Lantern creation has been added.

The strange plant random event wasn't inflicting damage properly, this has been fixed.

Teleother spells have been added.

Teleportation levers are now unusable when tele-blocked.

Picking up items now behaves the same as it did in the original game.

Super antipoison was not curing you from poison, only making you immune. This has been fixed.

Fixed an issue where Shadow spells are not using the correct runes.

The log balance in seers village is now using the new agility system.

Ring of recoil wasn't doing damage consistently, this has now been fixed.

The trade screen behavior is now in line with how it was in 2005.

An issue with disconnecting when firing your last arrow has been fixed.

The magic shortbow special would not execute correctly when clicked away from target, this has been fixed.

The dragon scimitar special attack had an incorrect sound this has been corrected.

The Lumbridge swamp caves have been added.

Brundt the Chieftan now allows players to use the fire in the longhall in Rellekka.

You can no longer cast Tele-Block on NPCs.

Minor patch | 25 Sept 2020

Reworked the back-end logic for poison.

Added additional back-end safety mechanisms for trading.

It was possible to spam item packets (I.e. buying items from shops) this has been fixed.

The pathfinding issues with going out of bounds have been fixed, it should no longer path you to wrong spots.

A visual bug with grounditems appearing double has been fixed.

A dialogue related bug with jewellery has been fixed.

Some random events now follow you when you move too far away from them.

Fixed an issue with multi spells not being reliable in some instances.

The back-end logic for doors and ladders has been adjusted, this could result in some doors not behaving properly so let us know if you run into one!

Sinister chest & Bug fixes | 27 Aug 2020

The sinister chest is now available and can be looted for a fixed amount of unidentified herbs!

An issue where levers could get stuck in the down position has been fixed.

In some cases your current open interface would close when it shouldn't. This has been fixed.

Some incorrect object interactions at Mage Bank have been corrected.

A bug with the Kalphite Queen (heheh "bug") where she wouldn't respawn has been fixed.

Some droptables were incorrect and have been adjusted accordingly. Please keep reporting these in our Discord channel ASAP!

In some cases thrown items and arrows would visually show an incorrect amount when your inventory was full. This has been fixed.

It is no longer possible to safe-spot the King Black Dragon. It has been updated to its 2005 combat style (It was using the RSC/2004 style before)

Firemaking had an incorrect ignite success rate, this has been corrected.

Urgent fix | 22 Aug 2020

An issue regarding random disconnects has been fixed.

Patch Minor | 20 Aug 2020

A small fix has been made to object collision when standing on top of an object.

Object interaction logic has been improved.

Some objects in Yanille were missing their proper interactions, this has been corrected.

The success chance for thieving was incorrect and has been corrected.

In some cases the Ring of Wealth was not activating when it should've.

Bug fixes | 19 Aug 2020

Back end logic for projectiles has been improved.

It is no longer possible to charge orbs over long distance.

Back end player save security and logic has been improved.

Monster aggression has been reworked.

Idle log out has been reimplemented, you can toggle it on/off a the Lumbridge guide.

Sheep flee logic has been adjusted.

Some agility shortcuts have been moved over to the new agility system.

It is now possible to take the axe from the stump in Lumbridge.

The way sounds were handled for various spells has been adjusted.

Dragon Scimitar now has its correct sound effect when performing a special attack.

Some incorrect info in the skill-guides have been corrected.

Collision for object interaction has been improved.

It is no longer possible to block barrows brothers with other barrows brothers.

An attempt has been done to fix the infamous Falador wall visual bug.

Private messaging message formatting has been improved.

Patch notes | 14 Apr 2020

The Easter bunny has returned to its hole it came from.

Curries are now consumable as intended.

The teleportation location for Edgeville has been relocated.

Inconsistent healing amounts with blood spells has been corrected.

It is no longer possible to enter West-Ardougne through the doors.

A bug where ice spells could infinitely freeze you has been fixed.

Zamorak brew was not doing the correct damage when consumed.

Some code for doors getting stuck in an "opened" state while closed has been adjusted.

An incorrect message with the Ring of Life has been corrected.

Saniboch has its price reduced to 25k.

The lock-pick door in East-Ardougne has been fixed.

An issue where the ring of life did not consistently teleport you out has been fixed.

Karamja Dungeon! | 9 Apr 2020

We have added a new dungeon under Karamja.
It is packed with heaps of new combat training areas!

A bug was fixed where it was possible to open your bank while moving away.

Some changes are made to entity collision, test it out and leave feedback in our discord!

The Wilderness Agility Course has its logic rewritten and is now using the updated Agility system.

A visual bug with item weight where it would display incorrect amounts has bee fixed.

The RNG back-end system has had a rework.

The ropeswing at Feldip hills was not working correctly, this has been fixed.

A bug with bind/freeze spells not freezing consistently has been fixed.

Most production skills have their back-end tick system adjusted

It is no longer possible to pickpocket entities while they're in combat.

A bug has been fixed where it was possible to woodcut even though the tree was cut down.

Easter event & Bug fixes | 4 Apr 2020

The Easter bunny has made an appearance again south of falador and your help might be required to save easter!

Diango is no longer offering dance lessons.

A problem with inconsistent healing from blood spells has been fixed.

You can no longer instantly attack after you have killed an entity.

The players online interface has been given some tweaks.

A timer inconsistency with cooking has been fixed.

Some minor improvement to large npc pathfinding has been made.

An inconsistency with monster aggression has been corrected

Bug fixes minor | 1 Apr 2020

The drops system has had a rework, for more information read the discord in channel #wiki-chat

A bug with the Barbarian outpost agility course has been fixed.

Some areas like the Falador shortcut and Basalt rocks are using the new agilty system.

A bug where some staircases were not working has been fixed.

In some cases your autocasting spell would get unintentionally reset. This has been corrected.

Some back-end logic for the Mage Arena minigame has been rewritten.

An issue where your game would crash when changing areas with ladders and stairs has been fixed.

A debug message when you used the charge orb spell has been removed.

Some typos and wrong information in the skill guide has been corrected.

Smithing steel nails now gives the intended amounts.

Launcher update! | 31 Mar 2020

The launcher has been updated.
Please make sure you are using the latest launcher otherwise the game will not load.

You can find the latest launcher by going to:

Bug fixes | 24 Mar 2020

Back-end logic for picking up items has been improved.

Telekinetic grab has had its logic improved.

Ground items should no loger have a visual bug where it would show duplicates.

Packet send/receive logic has been improved. Overall responsiveness has been improved by this.

The Mage Arena mini-game logic has been improved.

The players online interface now displays the colors in level difference. The same when you right-click a player.

An improvement has been made to pathfinding, should have less of a "tango/dance" effect.

The Crystal chest has had its logic improved. The rewards are also as accurate as they were in 2005.

Random events have their logic changed.

Jiminua in Karamja will no longer try to sell you Wilderness team capes.

The healing effect on Blood spells was not healing the amounts that were intended. This has now been corrected.

Bone burying logic has been improved.

A visual bug where high amounts of a non-stackable item would show as one has been fixed.

NPC Aggressision logic has been improved.

Bug fixes | 16 Mar 2020

The Dr. Fenkenstrain experiments dungeon has been added.

Fixed a bug where ranged animations would not play randomly.

Added a hit splat delay when using the dragon dagger and magic shortbow special attack to be in line with 2005.

A combat ability system for npc's has been added, the first npcs with an ability are the monks at the Edgeville Monastary!

A start has been made to the back-end Agiltiy rework, most obstacles at the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course are already using the new system.

Removed an incorrect message when you did not have the required level.

A bug where some pick-lock doors would path you into the wrong directions has been fixed.

Aggressive random events now despawn after not interacting with them for long enough.

Rasool the Wandering Merchant has been added.

A bug where multi-spells would not multi-cast has been fixed.

Bug fixes minor | 19 Jan 2020

A bug with the magic longbow has been fixed.

Ranged experience was not giving the 4.5x xp it was supposed to. This has been fixed.

A bug with shield halves not interacting properly with anvils has been fixed.

You can no longer pickpocket while in combat.

High alchemy timers have been adjusted to their proper timings.

Dark mages are no longer aggressive when they shouldn't be.

Some spears had incorrect attack animations, this has been fixed.

Barrows droptable adjusted & end of X-mas event | 07 Jan 2020

The X-mas event is now over. You are unable to find anymore rares scattered across the land.

Barrows has had its droptable adjusted, it was hit a bit hard so we cranked it up a little.

Some minor bugs were addressed.

Hiscores! | 05 Jan 2020

Hiscores has officially been released!
See how you rank against your friends and other players on the hiscores! You can find the hiscores on the main website or here:

X-mas event & Bug fixes! | 26 Dec 2019

The X-mas event is live until January 6th.
You can search any crate/box/sack/bookcase/hay bale you name it!
Doing so gives you a 10% chance to receive a holiday item! You cannot search the same object twice and their searchabilty is global! They restock every hour!
Happy hunting!

Cats have gotten a small rework, you can now also dismiss them.

Random events no longer give you the ability to afk.

Barrows is no longer afkable and now requires 5 brother kills.

Barrows had its droptables adjusted.

A bug that made the purple partyhat very rare has been fixed.

Karils crossbow and bolt racks have had their configurations properly added.

A glitch that made you unable to use teleportation jewellery has been fixed.

Fixed a glitch that made you able to indefinitely attack with the wolfbane.

The strange plant often spawned without any stats, this has been fixed.

A way to duplicate the strange boxs' reward has been fixed.

Bug fixes | 26 Aug 2019

The Barbarian agility course log balance should no longer leave you stuck on the log.

Shadow warriors have had their droptables adjusted.

A typo has been corrected with antifire potions.

You can no longer interact with certain entities through walls.

Fixed a bug where some NPCs could trap you, making you unable to move.

Objects transforming into strange objects has been fixed.

You can now sell noted items to shops like intended.

Canifis now has a general store.

Some adjustments to the staircase algorithm have been made.

A typo with the Splitbark Wizard in the Wizards' tower has been corrected.

Claws are now two-handed like intended.

The weaken spell now uses the correct runes.

A fishing spot spawn in Mort myre has been relocated to the proper spot.

The Myreque shortcut is now available to use.

Rock cakes are now working as intended.

The Drunken dwarf random event now despwans when you die.

Dragons were making an incorrect sound, this has been fixed.

The incorrect Duradel spawn in Canifis has been corrected.

Random events should no longer spawn in inaccessible places

Server downtime | 8 Aug 2019

Due to an issue with our hosting provider we were experiencing some downtime.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and hope you can still enjoy Scape05.

Are you in our discord server yet?
If not you can find it here:

Barrows | 9 May 2019

Barrows is released! Don't forget to report any bugs you encounter!

Game Updates minor | 6 May 2019

The leaster event has ended.

AFK logout timer has been removed.

Fixed a bug where randoms didn't force close interfaces.

Stairs in the Tree Gnome Stronghold will no longer put you out of bounds.

The Kalphite Queen's range attack will no longer be stuck in the air.

An improvement was made with the pathfinding towards enemies in combat.

Strange fruit now restores 30% run energy like intended.

You should no longer incorrectly get a message that you're account is already logged in.

Random events now happen every 20 minutes and will not happen while AFK.

Game Updates | 30 Apr 2019

The hide tanner has gotten a rework.

Energy and Super energy potions now restore run energy.

The prayer drain rate logic has been rewritten.

The Cosmic altar no longer teleports you into the black hole.

You can now fill up your druid pouch and use it against Ghasts.

The mage arena no longer disconnects you.

An issue has been fixed where you couldn't alch some items.

Troll Generals have had their spawn locations updated, and stats.

Game Updates minor | 27 Apr 2019

Shop prices have been rewritten completely.

Carried weight has been added.

Run energy formula has been redone.

NPC Collision logic improved.

Fixed some trapdoors putting you out of bounds.

Fixed an issue with Superheat Item while superheating steel.

Obstacle pipe and Climbing rocks no longer "stuck" you.

The game server no longer thinks you're logged in while you are not.

Rune shops have been updated.

Leaster event | 23 Apr 2019

The Easter bunny has arrived south of Falador.

NPC Collision logic improved.

Items/doors shouldn't spawn on wrong height levels anymore.

Random events spawn less frequent.

Game Updates Sub Patch | 19 Apr 2019

The issue where you can't interact with some objects has been fixed.

Trapdoors shouldn't move you to the wrong locations anymore.

Object/NPC interaction now uses a new system.

Game Updates | 18 Apr 2019

You are now logged out when idle after 5 minutes.

Trapdoor logic improved.

Some incorrectly opening doors have been fixed.

Cabbages now heal the correct amount.

Rogues' den is now accessible.

Silver sickle(b) now appears correctly in the weapons tab.

In some rare cases rocks wouldn't appear as respawned. This has been fixed.

You can now climb over the broken fence at the lumber yard.

Darren has closed shop.

Eblis sells you an Ancient staff.

Sir Tiffy Cashien now sells Initiate armor.

You can now interact with the barmaid in Falador.

Random events now require you to have free inventory space.

Drunken dwarf no longer gives you coins.

The XP Lamp experience rate has been increased.

Game Updates minor | 14 Apr 2019

An issue with the Drunken dwarf random has been fixed.

Mining no longer takes longer than intended.

Doors should now appear open when they are open.

West Ardougne is now accessible again.

Game Updates minor | 12 Apr 2019

Horvik couldn't keep up with the high demand of Dragon plates, he no longer sells them.

The Kalphite droptable has been adjusted.

You no longer attempt to pick up logs from the ground while trying to light them.

The random events now all work like intended!

Fixed imps teleporting too often.

Zanaris now works like intended.

Fixed a bug with the Kalphite lair not being accessible.

Fixed some staircases moving you to the wrong location.

Fixed a bug where doors wouldn't open.

You can no longer exploit monster aggression.

The H.A.M. trapdoor no longer tries to get away from you.

Game Updates minor | 1 Apr 2019

Dragon plate is now temporarily for purchase from Horvik in Varrock.

Imps should no longer teleport inside unreachable areas.

Firemaking logic has been improved.

You are now able to charge uncharged orbs.

Random event logic has been improved.

You can no longer speed up mining by spamming.

Fixed a bug where some ladders placed you incorrectly.

The players online list no longer has gaps.

Game Updates | 25 Mar 2019

After many complaints on long loading times, we made it so the client will slowly download the game files in the background while you're playing.

The chat system has been improved allowing special characters to be entered.

Fixed a bug where private messages would not be delivered properly.

The logic for the smithing interface has been improved, and now works like intended.

There was a bug with fishing where it would let you fish faster than intended.

You are no longer facing south for other people if they haven't seen you yet.

The projectile logic for tele-grab has been improved.

In some cases you were unable to take items from tables. This has been fixed.

Fixed a bug where you couldn't use the brass key on the door towards Hill giants.

Some doors were unable to be lockpicked. This has been fixed.

Fixed a problem with clay making.

Wilderness levels for underground now work like intended.

The client now has an icon.

Game Updates | 23 Mar 2019

Setting levels removed from the game.

Father Lawrence no longer sells items.

Father Lawernce no longer switches your spellbook. This is now done by going to the Jaldraocht Pyramid in the desert. (Shortcut at the back of the pyramid unlocked)

The starting location is now in Lumbridge again.

The starter kit has been changed to be like the 2005 starter kit.

Teleports are no longer free.

Paddewwa teleport no longer teleports you to Varrock Church.

Players command now displays a list with player names.

You were unable to complete the Restless ghost quest, this has been fixed.

Game Updates Minor | 22 Mar 2019

Setting levels has been moved from the skills interface to Father Lawrence.

The dragon spear could stun-lock you, this has been fixed.

You can now set all statistics but at a maximum of 550 levels total.

The dragon longsword and spear are now in Darren's shop.

Mithril seeds would permanently plant flowers, this has been fixed..

All emote animations are now working.

Game Updates | 19 Mar 2019

The World Map is now available!

Manual and Rules & Security links in the navigation bar have been added.

Players were unable to interact with Shantay, this has been fixed.

Fixed a bug that made Kolodion turn into a mine cart.

You were occasionally able to walk on mined rocks, this has been fixed.

The H.A.M. hideout is now accessible.

Fixed a bug that made you continue to gather, even though you walked away.

Willow trees in Draynor village can now be cut.

Special attack logic has been improved.

Some sounds were not playing, this has been fixed.

Report abuse logic improved.

Fixed a bug that would make Poison hit you when already dead.

Game updates Minor | 12 Mar 2019

Father Lawrence was giving you less coins back if you sold your items in bulk, it now works as intended.

Starter GP was raised to 150k

PvP farming exploit has been fixed.

Shop stock was not updating for other players viewing the same shop. This now works the way it should.

It was possible to duplicate random items, this has now been fixed.

The magic spellbook now appears for new created characters.

New accounts found themselves unable to teleport, this has now been fixed.

Game Updates | 11 Mar 2019

Ancient teleport spells have been added. (Paddewwa is free outside of the wilderness and will take you to Varrock church)

Father Lawrence now offers a short miniquest for some extra starter coins.

Some extra members items were added to Darrens shop.

The freeze duration for ice spells was incorrect. It now works as intended.

P2P PvP beta now live | 09 Mar 2019

You will now be able to use Members' items!

Darren has opened shop in Varrock Church for your P2P item needs.

Father Lawrence now has the ability to switch your magic spellbook.

A bank chest has been added in the church.

Don't forget that this is a beta. Not all content is in its final working state.

Game Updates | 17 Feb 2019

Logic for doors has been rewritten, doors should now work as intended.

Magic projectiles now have their proper timings, speeds, and tick.

Doors giving the "members" prompt when they shouldn't have been fixed.

Cooking no longer disconnects you.

Game Updates | 15 Feb 2019

Today we have made some improvements on ranged projectiles and auto spell casting.
(Magic projectiles will follow in the next update)

Some combat improvements were made. Think of things like timers, ticks, etc.

After feedback regarding the F2P Combat we think after the magic projectiles it is in a "1 : 1" state with 2005 combat.
This means the P2P Combat beta will follow soon. Preperations for the P2P PvP Beta were already made!

Bug fixes Minor | 02 Feb 2019

Fixed a bug where you would continue gathering when you walked away from the source.

Mobs can no longer walk through random objects when they shouldn't.

The duplicate bronze kiteshield was removed from Cassies shop.

Removed the sliding piece from General stores.

Fixed where entities would get stuck in the death position.

The shop assistant in Karamja now opens the shop like intended.

The "Climb up or down" option is removed from the stairs dialogue.

The "Use" option on bank booths now initiates the Banker dialogue.

Game Updates | 25 Jan 2019

The first update is already here! The backend now supports JAGGRAB, OnDemand, and HTTP file providers.