First Steps
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How do I get started?

Getting started in Scape05 is an easy and quick process. You can literally be playing within a few minutes.

Creating an Account

First of all you must create your account.

This can be done by simply entering any username and password on the login screen. Once you've done that come back here to continue the guide.

Playing for the first time

You play the game by downloading the game loader. Once downloaded and ran it will prompt you a screen which gives you the option to play in high or low detail.
You will want to select High Detail for now. If you have problems with the high detail version, try the low detail version by clicking Main menu in the navigation bar or closing out the game and start it back up again.  

When the game has loaded you will be presented with a login screen. Enter a username and password you'd like to use. If the name is available, it will automatically create a user for you with that name.
You will then be presented with a character design page

You should use the right and left arrows to toggle each option until you are happy with your characters look.

You can change all of the physical appearances of your character as viewed from the screenshot above. There are options in game for you to change your appearance again, though beware it will cost you in-game currency for such a privilege so make sure your character design choices are ones you like!

Once you have finished you should click the accept button which will launch your character into Varrock church.

News and Updates

On the main homepage you can keep up to date with the development of Scape05 including news on game updates, customer support issues, behind the scenes info, community news and much more.

It's also worth checking out our discord channel, you can find it here.