Player Moderator FAQ
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What is a player moderator?

Player moderators are trusted players of Scape05 that have the ability to send priority reports about rule breaking players.

How do I spot a player moderator?

In game all of the player moderators have a small Silver crown next to their name. Only player moderators have this crown so they are easily identifiable.

What powers do player moderators have?

Player moderators use the report abuse feature to make Scape05 staff aware of rule breakers. Player moderators also have the ability to temporarily mute players to deal with immediate problems. These incidences are then assessed by Scape05 staff to ensure that the correct actions have been taken.

Should I report abuse to a player moderator or continue to use the report abuse feature?

We encourage all of our players to continue using the report abuse feature to help us deal with rule breakers. If a player moderator is present you can ask them to help in reporting abuse. However, please remember that player moderators want to play Scape05 as well and they are not obliged to help.

What should I do if I am incorrectly reported or muted?

Do not worry, every report or mute from a player mod will be investigated by a Scape05 staff member. If someone is incorrectly reported or muted then Scape05 staff will ensure that this is corrected immediately.

What should I do if a player moderator is abusing their powers?

If you see a player moderator abusing their powers then you should report the event using the report abuse button. We will then investigate the matter and take any appropriate action. However, if we find that a player has falsely reported a player moderator we will take action against that person.

How do I become a player moderator?

All of the player moderators are hand picked by Scape05 staff. Please do not send in requests to be a player moderator, we will not consider requests to become a player moderator at all. The best advice in becoming a player moderator is to continue playing Scape05 in a good and honest way, reporting genuine abuse as you see it occur. In addition, having a positive and helpful presence on our official Discord would also increase your chances of being identified as a trustworthy player.